Parents & Guardians

Child Care Resources & Parenting Courses

Whether you’re a mom, dad, or guardian, Action for Children will empower you to be the best parent for your child. We know this journey can be overwhelming. Our programs and services will remove the guesswork for your family by providing tools and information to meet your family’s unique needs.

Choosing Child Care

Choosing child care will be a rewarding experience when you are informed about the different types of settings and early learning environments, and when you are prepared and have the tools to help you during the search and interview process. Action for Children has everything you need to assist you in finding the best environment for your child.

Family & Parent Support Programs

Raising children isn’t always easy and parents can often feel like they’ve run out of ways to engage their children. Our family & parent support programs will meet you where you are by providing in-person and online parenting programs, workshops, resources, child development information, tips on how to handle common behavior challenges, community resources and more! We provide simple practical strategies parents can adapt to suit their family’s values, beliefs and needs.

Additional Resources

With more than 50 years of experience working with families in central Ohio, Action for Children serves as a trusted resource, with a wide variety of tools available to parents and family members. Explore our Resource Library to find important information relevant to your needs, or check out our Event Calendar for upcoming parenting classes and other events.

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