Mission, Vision + Values

Our Priorities as an Organization

At Action for Children, everything we do – from parenting support for new parents to advocacy for greater child care accessibility – is informed by our mission, our vision and our core values.

Our Mission

To transform the lives of children by supporting, empowering and advocating for the adults who make the biggest impact on children’s lives: their parents, caregivers and teachers.

Our Vision

All children, nurtured by strong families and vibrant communities, have opportunities for quality early learning experiences that prepare them for success in school and life.

Our Core Values

  1. Advocacy

    We commit to lead the charge for increasing access to quality early childhood experiences, achieving outcomes that provide the strongest foundation for all members of our community. We cannot do this alone, and the best advocates are the adults who care for and educate our children: their parents, other caregivers and early childhood practitioners. We will use our influence directly, and we will work to activate the power of other networks to fuel efforts to address this urgent need.

  2. Collaboration

    Our kids deserve a community that works together. We can foster and sustain partnerships among child care and early learning providers, and within the wider nonprofit ecosystem and our community as a whole. We know that we are stronger when we partner with others to embrace a shared commitment toward enriching the lives of children, caregivers and families.

  3. Adaptability

    The needs of the community will change. We must be responsive to these changes, drawing on our considerable collective expertise. To be successful today, and in the future, we must be continuous learners and encourage creativity and new ways of problem-solving.

  4. Respect and Compassion

    We believe that achieving results is essential and we believe that the way in which we go about doing so is equally important. We take a strengths-based approach in our interactions, meeting others where they are and understanding together how to move forward. Ours will be a conscious effort to be inclusive of and to support the rich diversity of our community.

Diversity Statement

It Takes All of Us

At Action for Children, we are committed to a culture of practice that encourages each person to be their best, authentic self. We value the evolving diversity of our community, and we affirm that our staff and board will represent the community we serve and be culturally responsive in their roles. Wherever we work, and whomever we work with, we will offer services in ways that recognize the rich assets and specific needs of all the clients and partners we serve. It takes all of us to ensure that all families are supported, and all children are prepared for success in school and beyond.

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