Offering Child Care Assistance Throughout Central Ohio

With the support of a caring community, Action for Children has been transforming children’s lives in central Ohio for over 50 years. We’re committed to offering families, communities and early childhood educators all the help and resources they need to offer the best child care they can.

A Resource for the Early Learning Community

We serve seven counties in the central Ohio region. We are the community’s leading provider of resources and training for early learning professionals working with young children, parents and families seeking child care, as well as businesses serving the early childhood community. We work hand-in-hand with parents, professionals and community partners to ensure that all children in central Ohio have opportunities for quality early learning experiences that prepare them for success in school and life.

Child Care Data

At Action for Children, our work as a trusted resource for every corner of the child care community includes curating a wide variety of information. We offer the early learning community access to in-depth reports, comprehensive data, a map of child care facilities available throughout the area and a variety of other resources, which we invite you to explore.

The Latest Updates

You can stay up to date on the latest developments in the world of child care here in central Ohio by checking out our blog, as well as our news page, which contains recent news clips as well as Action for Children reports and publications. You can also check out our events calendar to learn what we have on the horizon.

Ways to Get Involved

Interested in contributing to the well-being of children in central Ohio? You can help them thrive by getting involved with Action for Children! Some of your options for getting involved include:

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  • Learn more about our Advocacy and how we’re changing lives in central Ohio.

Support Action for Children

If you want to know more about being part of our work in central Ohio, reach out to us today, or consider making a donation to our programs.