Year of Solutions

Since 1972, Action for Children has been the solution in central Ohio to helping our youngest children thrive. We’ve been advocates for families, children and child care providers. We’ve developed programs that address the needs and goals of the adults who care for children. At a time when educators and families are facing some of their biggest challenges, we’ve pushed for proactive interventions and supports on behalf of the communities we serve.

As we celebrate our 50th year, we’re even more committed to solutions for the everyday heroes who most influence our children’s early growth. Our donors have provided the support to make solutions possible and power the work that’s ahead.


Our Solutions

  1. We will make the balancing act of raising young children easier by giving parents and caregivers access to tools, resources, and supports.

  2. We will help child care providers hone their business skills, so they have the knowledge to run efficient, profitable, and stable enterprises.

  3. We will expand our coaching program to provide early learning educators with the latest training and information, so they’re always at the forefront of the field.

  4. We will launch a tool that tracks child care in our seven-county service area, so our community can understand current conditions in the early learning landscape.

Join Action for Children and invest in the opportunity to help every child in central Ohio thrive!

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Success Stories

Sherri, Franklin County Child Care Provider
"Take advantage of this scholarship to help pay for childcare."

After my program recently became a Type A program to meet the needs of some of the families in my community and tuition increases, one of my parents was faced with concerns of having to now pay for two children and possibly losing her job because she would no longer be able to afford child care. She was able to get the help she needed through the RISE program, and I hope that other parents with similar situations will now be able to take advantage of this scholarship to help pay for childcare.

Walter's FatherUp Story
"There's so much happiness and peace in my life since the program."
Elizabeth, CDA Participant
"Action for Children has given me the motivation and information."

Beyond information about child development, Ohio learning standards, and classroom management, Action for Children’s Child Development Associate cohort has given me resources to plan and carry our lessons that the children enjoy and learn from. It has also brought me a sense of satisfaction, because I have never been able to finish a college class before. I now know that I CAN do it, because Action for Children has given me the motivation and information.

Indigo Children's Center's Coaching Story
"It's almost like having a friend that's in the industry."
Carly, Triple P Participant
"I always felt so much better not only about son but about myself."

When I first started The Positive Parenting Program, I did it only because my son was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety disorder, and his doctor said I had to do this before trying medicine. At first, I thought I’d just go through the motions and do some sessions so I can get what my son needs. Triple P gave me great tools and amazing resources to use with Josiah and also with my whole family. After talking with the program facilitator, I always felt so much better not only about son but about myself.

Kautsar's SPARK Story
"Every child deserves a great foundation for success for when they start school and it starts in the home."


Franklin County RISE

Franklin County RISE is helping make child acre and early education experiences more accessible to all

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The Village

The Village Staffed Family Child Care Network offers new opportunities for Family Child Care professionals to experience connection, support and engagement.

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The BOSS is empowering child care owners and administrators to unleash the full potential of their programs by learning key marketing, business and operational skills.

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Empower Awards

Empower Awards are providing support for child care programs across central Ohio through monetary incentive awards as they care for children and families.

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We’re grateful for the support that makes our work possible!