In 2014, Action for Children and Franklinton Cycle Works each approached the Franklinton Arts District (FAD) in search of an opportunity to create a mural.

AFC was looking for an opportunity to showcase the power of families in Columbus, and the important role parents and guardians play in shaping the lives of their children—from those first 2,000 days through adulthood.

Franklinton Cycle Works wanted a creative way to share their youth empowerment initiatives and happened to have the perfect blank canvas—a 100-foot outer wall of their facility.

With an introduction by FAD, the two organizations worked together and commissioned artist Giovanni Santiago from Blank Walls ‘R Gross to draw and paint the mural located at the intersection of West Broad Street and Martin Avenue. AFC  and FCW staff and volunteers, program participants and community residents dedicated their time and talent to complete the project, which was finished in October of that year.

The theme represents the progression of parenting with bicycling as a focal point because parenting, like bicycling, is truly a lifetime activity.