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Why We Do What We Do: Celebrating Child Care Providers’ “Why’s”


Why do you work in child care?

We asked several child care providers this question about why they do the work that they do. What follows is a powerful example of the passion and drive of early learning professionals who care for young children — and why they deserve respect, recognition, and reward. Prepare to be inspired!


Child Care Professional and Child Development Associate Student

“Ages infant to 5 years old are the most crucial years in a child’s development. I feel we have the most important job in their journey.”

I have been working in child care for a little over two years now. I do it because these are our next generation of presidents and CEOs. However a child’s journey goes, as child care professionals, I feel we have the most important job in their journey. It is our responsibility to develop these young minds!


Child Care Professional and Child Development Associate Student

“I love working in child care because I get to watch kids grow! They are literally like my little brothers and sisters at this point.”

I’ve been teaching since April of 2023, and I have been super passionate about it from the beginning. Transitioning from my coaching role to teaching felt like a natural progression, especially since I’ve always enjoyed working with children. Going from preschoolers to 10-year-olds, each age group has brought its own dynamic, but what’s fun and interesting about the younger kids is their journey in learning patience and how to express themselves. Witnessing their growth, especially in expanding their vocabulary is fun to watch, particularly because I come from a communication background. It’s exciting to hear feedback from parents about their improved communication skills at home. I love to watch these 3 to 5-year-olds develop their unique personalities.


Child Care Program Owner

“I work in child care because I enjoy inspiring young minds.”

I know this industry needs patient and dedicated individuals to care for our children, someone who understands and can relate to their diverse backgrounds… and so I show up every day to be their voice and advocate.

Miss Val

Child Care Professional and Child Development Associate Student

“I work in child care because I want to help children as they grow as learners and as people.”

I have been working in early child care education for about 5 years. I chose to work in this profession because many children start their learning journey in the early childhood years. One of the best parts is helping them with their creativity and imagination!

Thank you to Jessica, Nick, Shaniqua, and Miss Val for sharing your “why”! We celebrate the amazing work that you and the thousands of early childhood educators in central Ohio do to help young children thrive! Want to share yours? Email us at!

Contributor: Tyra James, Program Marketing Coordinator at Action for Children

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