There are just 2,000 days between a child’s birth and the day they enter Kindergarten. Only 2,000 days, and every moment, every experience matters.

When parents, caregivers and teachers are prepared and supported, those moments enrich a child’s life, promote healthy development and ensure that he or she feels safe, loved, and prepared for a bright future.

When parents or teachers are not prepared or well supported, or when they are charting a new path as they recover from their own childhood trauma, those days can be less enriching, less bright, and filled with uncertainty.

Now, and perhaps more than ever, children in Central Ohio need their parents, caregivers and teachers to take action. And Action for Children needs you to take action, too.

By joining our 2,000 days campaign, you are transforming the lives of children in our community by investing in programs that create lasting and positive change; programs that not only promote positive parenting techniques, but programs that build a path toward physical, emotional and financial well-being.

Kyle came to AFC’s New Beginnings for New Fathers program after his young wife passed away unexpectedly. With the loss of her income, he and his two little boys, ages 1 and 3, were evicted and couch-surfing with friends and family. Kyle felt lost, but he knew that he had to summon the strength to carry on for his children and in order to ensure that their first 2,000 days, and all the days that follow, are as safe and secure as possible. With our community’s support, and with the support of the Action for Children team, Kyle found it! They now have quality child care, safe, affordable housing, emergency financial assistance, and gifts for the boys this holiday season. And the entire family is engaged in comprehensive wrap-around support services, including AFC’s Father Factor program, grief counseling and more.

Kyle’s story illuminates our mission: to transform the lives of children by supporting, empowering and advocating for the adults who make the biggest impact in their lives—their parents, caregivers, and teachers. It is not about one program or one service, it is about doing whatever it takes to ensure children in our community thrive.

But we cannot do that work without you. Your investment today creates brighter tomorrows, and we are grateful for your enduring support.


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