We know the past two years have been challenging, but we are excited to provide Franklin County child care providers with the tools to strengthen your program and continue providing exceptional child care. Through Franklin County RISE , we are now offering 500 individual $1,000 signing bonuses, child care scholarships of up to $10,000 each, and a comprehensive incentive program to help you recruit educators, enroll new families, and maintain and grow your business. Each individual program will be responsible for managing the referral process and promoting these programs.

Learn about:  Signing Bonuses  |  Scholarships  |  Incentives  |  Emergency Rental Assistance (coming soon)

Franklin County RISE is funded by the Franklin County Board of Commissioners, and the City of Columbus, and administered by Action for Children.

If you are in need of interpreting services please contact us at RISEHelp@actionforchildren.org to schedule a time.


Signing Bonuses

Grow your team by applying for up to six $1,000 signing bonuses for your open child care positions! Watch the video below to learn more about the program, eligibility criteria, and how to submit an application.

Advertise an open position on the
Central Ohio Child Care Job Board


Child Care Scholarships

Enroll more children by helping families apply for child care scholarships of up to $10,000. Programs may apply for up to six scholarships on behalf of families with children ages three and four in Franklin County OR who are newly enrolling in a licensed Franklin County child care program. Watch the video below to learn more about family eligibility, the application process, and other key details.



Through this program, licensed child care providers located in Franklin County that meet the requirements of the individual incentive awards can receive additional funding to support and grow their programs.

This $10.8 million program will benefit as many as 750 providers over the next two years by offering: 

  • NOW LIVE – Application for Nontraditional Hours Incentive Award
    Programs that served children during nontraditional hours (6pm – 6am or weekends) between January and March, 2022 are eligible for a quarterly payment of $1,250 – Apply now!
  • A one-time payment of $1,000 for supporting low-income families through entering into a new PFCC agreement
  • Two payments of $1,000 for programs supporting low-income families by maintaining a PFCC agreement
  • A one-time payment of $2,500 for centers and $1,000 for FCCs that enter into Step Up to Quality (SUTQ)
  • A one-time payment of $2,500 for centers and $1,000 for FCCs that maintain their SUTQ participation
  • A one-time payment of $10,000 for centers and $5,000 for FCCs that earn a 3-, 4-, or 5-star SUTQ rating during 2022
Contact RISEHelp@actionforchildren.org for questions or issues.


Emergency Rental Assistance

In addition, RISE establishes a dedicated $500,000 emergency rental assistance fund for child care workers, with an average of $3,000 in rental assistance payments per household. ERA Applications are expected to open in Spring of 2022.