Whether you’re a parent interested in getting back to work, or hoping to enter the workforce, Action for Children is here to help you in your search for dependable, affordable child care. We are offering child care scholarships* of up to $10,000 each for children ages three and four in Franklin County OR families who are newly enrolling in a licensed Franklin County child care program to: 

  • Assist with child care expenses
  • Help you support your child’s growth and learning
  • Strengthen the Franklin County community

*Applications must be completed with the licensed child care provider of your choice.

We can help connect you with a program that meets your family’s needs!
Contact us to schedule a consultation or view our interactive map below to find child care options near you. Please note that this map is updated on a weekly basis.

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Scholarship Overview for Families


This funding is made possible by the generosity
of the City of Columbus and Franklin County.