Since 1972, Action for Children has been the solution in central Ohio to helping our youngest children thrive. We’ve been advocates for families, children and child care providers. We’ve developed programs that address the needs and goals of the adults who care for children. At a time when educators and families are facing some of their biggest challenges, we’ve pushed for proactive interventions and supports on behalf of the communities we serve.

As we celebrate our 50th year, we’re even more committed to solutions for the everyday heroes who most influence our children’s early growth. Our donors have provided the support to make solutions possible and power the work that’s ahead.

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Action for Children is stepping up with innovations to support parents, guardians, and child care heroes through any
— and every — challenge. Hover over the bars to see details about each solution.


We will make the balancing act of raising young children easier by giving parents and caregivers access to tools, resources, and supports.

  • Partner with parents to remove barriers to building strong relationships with their children
  • Extend outreach efforts to educate more parents about the importance of the earliest days in their children’s lives
  • Offer simple & effective advice for turning everyday activities into learning experiences
  • Help parents understand how to navigate their child’s transition to kindergarten

We will help child care providers hone their business skills, so they have the knowledge to run efficient, profitable, and stable enterprises.

  • Partner with providers to relieve the pressures of trying to run a business independently
  • Support providers in delivering high-quality services, retaining valuable staff members, and increasing enrollment

We will expand our coaching program to provide early learning educators with the latest training and information, so they’re always at the forefront of the field.

  • Educate providers on research-based practices and approaches that expand the tools they can use to inspire and enrich young minds
  • Provide immediate and convenient support through classroom coaching that’s customized to the children and programs with which educators work

We will launch a tool that tracks child care in our seven-county service area, so our community can understand current conditions in the early learning landscape.

  • Continue to provide invaluable data that helps families, employers, and civic leaders stay up to date and make informed child care decisions
  • Create a new index with of statistically significant data on child care enrollment, employment, pricing, and financial status to develop better insights, anticipate trends, and identify local child care needs

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