Assitant Infant Teacher

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Position Description:

Children First Inc.

The right person for this role:

The right person for this role is a caring, compassionate, calm, and very patient teacher. They are persistent in their willingness to do whatever it takes to support children. They apply a holistic approach in their teaching and focus more on the process than the outcomes. Naturally warm and nurturing, they make learning fun and give individual focus to students, but they are always aware of what is happening in the classroom. This person’s commitment to children is unwavering.

The ideal assistant teacher sees nurturing the children they teach as their top priority. They are approachable, thoughtful, and outgoing. The assistant teacher can use social and emotional skills to engage children and their families. They know that a strong relationship with their lead teacher, parents, guardians, and caretakers leads to better student outcomes. The assistant teacher is always culturally aware and values the diversity of their classroom and center.

The right person for this role is committed to early childhood education. The assistant teacher is determined to succeed in teaching and helping their students and focuses on finding solutions to problems. They are most successful when they are collaborative, resourceful, and prepared.

The right person for this role is adaptable to change. An assistant teacher must be flexible and able to handle change. They do not always see the world in black and white but are comfortable living in the grey. They trust their intuition and take pride in their flexibility, knowing there is usually more than one way to accomplish a goal. While they always have a plan for the day, they are not deterred when they must modify their plan. An ideal assistant teacher is open-minded and willing to compromise to get the job done.

The right person for this role is committed. A great assistant teacher is dedicated to personal growth and development and collaborates well with lead teachers and administrators. They ask many questions and never stop learning. They can learn from others and enjoy learning new ideas and hearing other people’s opinions. They stay current on new teaching methods and enjoy finding new ways to reach their students.


Job Qualifications

• Working with children as a teacher or instructor (can be non-school related)
• Early childhood education
• Previous childcare center experience
• Curriculum/Lesson planning
• Interacting with parents, caretakers, and or guardians
• Positive discipline experience
• Working with a flexible schedule
• Hospitality industry Skills
• Child development
• Early learning and development standards
• People Management
• Customer service
• Computer skills
• Time-management

• High School Diploma
• CDA, Associates, or bachelor’s degree
• Clean background check
• CPR/First Aid


Children First Inc. is a non-profit early learning center that has been in business for 39 years promoting child development and learning to 100 children. We have Assistant positions available including in our infant/toddler classrooms. Each addition to the Children First team is an opportunity to help our children and families learn and grow more as individuals. If you are looking for a supportive workplace that offers the ability for you to be creative, Children First is the place for you! Children First is a hidden gem downtown that exceeds NAEYC guidelines.
• No Nights or Weekends – Children First closes at 5:15 PM.
• Guaranteed Weekly Schedule
• Professional Work Environment
• 11 Paid Holidays
• 10 Paid Vacation/Sick Days
• No Uniforms – but we provide you with free t-shirts
• Transportation allowance provided
401 K
Health/dental/vision insurance