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Celebrating Responsible Fatherhood Month in Ohio 


June is more than just the month we celebrate Father’s Day; it has also been officially recognized as Responsible Fatherhood Month in Ohio by Governor DeWine. This designation highlights the crucial role that fathers and father figures play in the lives of their children and families. It’s a time to honor and reflect on the impact that dedicated and responsible fathers have on shaping the future and fostering strong, healthy families. 

The Impact of Responsible Fatherhood 

Fatherhood isn’t just about sharing a last name or a home; it’s about shaping lives, building futures, and being there for your child. It’s the daily act of showing up, whether it’s helping with homework or simply listening to your child’s concerns. While it’s not always easy, with hard work, dedication, and a lot of love, fathers can transform the lives of their children for the better. 

Research shows the positive impact that an involved father can have on a child throughout their lives. Having a father who is actively involved in a child’s life can lead to a lower risk for many adverse childhood experiences, including alcohol and substance misuse, juvenile incarceration, and poor school performance. It also positively affects social and emotional development, resulting in fewer emotional and behavioral problems, better language development, improved life and social skills, and fewer issues with peers. 

Benefits for Fathers 

Responsible fatherhood doesn’t only benefit children – it’s beneficial for fathers as well. Fathers who actively participate in their children’s lives are more likely to live longer, have better physical and mental health, and are overall happier.

Being a present, responsible, and involved father can also bring a sense of pride. FatherUp at Action for Children can attest to just how much bigger a father’s smile gets when they know they can positively influence their child’s life.

Supporting Fathers through FatherUp 

Through case management, group conversations, and more, FatherUp helps fathers know that whatever they’re struggling with, they are not alone. In 2023 alone, we supported over 500 fathers and father figures through our FatherUp services, empowering hundreds of families along the way. Whether these dads need help navigating co-parenting, working through the court system, or just want a network of people to help them through the journey of fathering, FatherUp is there for them. 

FatherUp offers parenting and legal workshops, cohorts where fathers can learn parenting strategies and share their successes and challenges, and more. Action for Children supports fathers at each stage of their parenting journey. 

Voices from FatherUp 

Action for Children sees the positive impact of working with fathers every day:

Community Involvement and Support 

It’s important for the community to acknowledge and uplift fatherhood. Spreading the word is essential, whether through public appearances like our time with NBC4 or our partnerships with local YMCAs, communities, and other advocacy agencies. We want central Ohio to know that fatherhood matters. 

You can help support Action for Children’s mission of supporting fathers and their children by celebrating positive fathers and father figures, spreading the word about the resources and supports available in the community, and joining FatherUp in any of our family-friendly community events. Every child deserves a good father, and every father deserves the chance to be a good one. 

P.S. – Check out the FatherUp event calendar for more information on how you can get involved this month! 

Author: Shea McHugh, Advocacy Associate
Contributors: Jeff Kramer, Marland Rivers, and Julie DiCarlo
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