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Advocate for Child Care and Early Learning

Action for Children provides resources to the public and private sectors to advocate for child care and early education finance reform, quality early learning environments, licensing for family child care home providers, and worthy wages. We support a comprehensive and coordinated early learning system that is aligned with local, state and national efforts.

Our participation in statewide advocacy activities include:

We recently joined the Strong Start for Children - Building America's Future campaign.

Websites that can keep you informed about ongoing national, state and local efforts focused on child care and early education include:

Early Care and Education Consortium - for current information about legislation at the national and state level.

Early Childhood Ohio - for current information about Ohio's system of child care and early education.

Reimagine Columbus Education - for current information about efforts underway in the Columbus City Schools district.

We will continue to post information here intended to keep you in-the-know about changes occurring in early childhood and advocacy efforts. For more information and to get involved, please contact us!

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